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Driveway Cleaning & Restoration



Your driveway gives the first impression of your home or business to anyone who visits, or even just passes by. A driveway covered in dirt, moss and weeds does not give a good impression to friends, family or business contacts.


Long term, weeds and some substances on your drive, such as oil, can actually break down the surface of your driveway and cause permanent damage.


Our driveway cleaning and restoration service can be used on many different driveway surfaces from tarmac and concrete to block paving and resin drives.


Our professional cleaning equipment is low pressure, so it will not cause damage, but with the UK’s top rated cleaning solutions we still get amazing results!


Whilst we are cleaning and restoring your driveway you could also take up some of our other services such as external wall cleaning, roof soft washing or gutter cleaning.


We are able to clean and restore driveways for domestic and commercial properties from houses, through to industrial units, care homes and hotels throughout Dorset and Hampshire.

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